A Little History About Lionel

  I knew what I wanted to do for a living once I saw my very first Mighty Mouse cartoon on the magic box. BE MIGHTY MOUSE!!! I had a problem tho, I didn't have superpowers and I wasn't a mouse. All was not lost tho, cause I could draw and thru drawing and my imagination I could do that.
   From then on I would spend my time drawing and trying to figure out how these magical adventures were made. I couldn't afford to get into Cal Arts after high school, but found out that allot of the teachers there also taught at local community colleges. So I sought themout and finally settled down at Santa Monica College AET program. Where they had all the cool tech at the time.
   I got my first break doing animation for Big Bad Tomato Creative Group. Where I got to wear many hats in the production process from Development Artist, Storyboard Artist, Animator to Director. I even go to dabble in web and game production. I moved on to the Pink Panther and Pals Production where I had a blast Storyboarding and then Directing 15 Panther Panther and 3 Ant and Aardvark shorts. At BRP1 Productions for Rubicon Studio's I Storyboarded and Directed 12 web shorts of B-Rock.
     I continue to enjoy making cartoons and taking audiences with me on adventures to wild, wacky and crazy worlds. I look forward to what new adventures in cartoon making I can be a part of and to continue being part of the Magic Box world. :P